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Nike KD7 All Star Sneaker From The Same People Behind Air Jordan | ServeAlaska

Nike KD7 All Star Sneaker From The Same People Behind Air Jordan


First released in June 2014, Nike continues to update the kd7 with more exciting color themes. As has become the norm with every release by the storied sporting shoe and apparel maker, the interest in the shoe is still high. Clearly the updates have broadened the shoe’s appeal in the basketball loving and fashion conscious sporting goods market.

Unprepared to ditch a recipe that has continually delivered market success, Nike once again pulled the athlete co-branding trick they first used with the legendary Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan sneaker changed the sporting goods landscape forever with sales that blew competitors out of water. No longer an original concept, the mass market appeal of the NBA still make athlete endorsements a useful branding strategy for sneaker manufacturers.

This time around its the turn of the reigning NBA most valuable player, Kevin Durant. This is the seventh model released in the kd series. Targeted at the fashion conscious urban youth and millennials the kd7 has kept the key features from earlier models. Some of the releases in the kd7 series include the weatherman and the thunderbolt. Taking inspiration from the Brooklyn bridge, the KD has some attractive features:

Key features

  • A strap across the mid foot
  • Visible zoom air at the heel.

Latest release

The Weatherman is the latest release in the kd7 series. It comes in the emerald green, metallic silver and dark emerald colors. It was released on March 05, 2015.


Targeted at the upper end of the market – around $150 for the Weatherman, the latest edition in the kd sneaker series does not come cheap. But then again goods in the market category the kd7 is targeted at are rarely differentiated on prize. Often a shoe that carries the name of an athlete of Kevin Durant’s stature and popularity becomes an object of immense desire for many.

The kd7’s market response has been fair. Set against equally formidable releases from other established manufacturers and Nike itself, the kd7 will have to rely strongly on the power of its iconic mother brand. The Nike brand has a devoted following and the kd7 is a good sneaker. It ticks all the boxes for the average buyer. But the sporting shoes market is now a very crowded place. Its success may not depend on any rational consideration on price or revolutionary technology but will once again, in my view, rest on the Nike brand’s
long standing appeal in the market.The folks at Nike once again appear to have hit the bull’s eye with the kd7. Sporting apparel market watchers will be looking at its progress with unabated interest.