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Finish Line Collaborates with SAGA to Improve Lives, Lands and Communities in Alaska

Finish Line Collaborates with SAGA to Improve Lives, Lands and Communities in Alaska

“Improving lives, lands, and communities in Alaska”. These words on the brochure were clearly speaking of the genuine dedication that SAGA has shown in making Alaska a better place ever since it came to existence in the year 1986. I was at my friend’s place who had invited me over for a cup of coffee while she spoke more about the upcoming events at SAGA. She gave me the brochure while talking about the five main SAGA programs which aim to build a better infrastructure in terms of education and job opportunities while conserving the unique heritage of the country.

While my main interest of work is focused on covering sports and fashion news for my athletic apparel blog, I often run stories on other aspects of the sports industry which usually do not get much coverage. Take Finish Line for example. It is one of the finest sports line with more than 600 stores in the US. Not only is it a success in terms of its marketing strategy, but it is one of the few companies which still does something proactive to make the world a better place. My interest in Finish Line has not been limited to feeding my addiction to sports apparel and shoes but has instead spanned over several charitable events organized by their Youth Foundation. When Finish Line gathered over 800 employees and managers to pack meals for over 300,000 hungry folks in Indianapolis and the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, I was there to help. Recently, Finish Line Youth Foundation raised about $1m in grants through holiday campaigns in order to donate to several organizations which focus on creating a healthy lifestyle for the needy, and developing youth development programs for kids who need special care. This time when Finish Line decided to sponsor the SAGA (South East Alaska Guidance Association) to help it bring about a positive change in its community, I was given the opportunity to learn more about the program and report it.

SAGA usually gets its funds from the National and Community Service Act and Denali Training Fund Youth Program to run its five main sub committees: The Alaska Service Corps; the Connections Individual Placement Program; the Serve Alaska Youth Corps; Young Alaskans Building Affordable Housing, and the Eagle Valley Center. Each of these programs is trained to build a solid infrastructure for Alaskans while bettering the quality of their lifestyle overall. The YABAH in particular teaches the youth more about construction trade while giving them the chance to complete their basic education so that they could meet the needs of Alaskan inhabitants for affordable housing benefits.

What SAGA does is of prime importance indeed, and the fact that Finish Line is now enabling it to do more will make change and growth an absolute possibility. But of course, this program would first require detailed analysis of areas which require primary attention. How can Finish Line exactly help SAGA to usher in better conditions of living? Will Finish Line-SAGA collaboration prove to be a fruitful pairing? I asked my host about the chief areas where SAGA could do with extra funding from Finish Line, and in response she showed me clippings of web articles which talk about the financial crisis that SAGA faced in the year 2014. Although a non-profit organization, SAGA was already $350,000 in debt. The financial situation did not improve when many employees started to leave the company thinking it was a sinking ship. My friend said that having a powerful ally like Finish Line will not only help in providing adequate amount of funds to contribute to building a platform for a better society, but it will also give a huge boost to the morale of SAGA and its workers. The Eagle Valley Center, which runs outdoor retreats and focuses on providing outdoor education to the youth is also in crisis. Considering Finish Line’s history in offering a helping hand to open parks and organizing camping activities to train kids in team activities, this collaboration would indeed pay off big time.

The fact is that Finish Line will be offering more than money to help SAGA. What athletic shoe company will bring to the table is its years of experience and a genuine interest to give its time in order to help people. This is not just a financial decision, it is about creating enough community based programs which aim in achieving an all round development for all. It could help in finding more recruits for the Youth Conservation Corps which can help SAGA to do its job faster. With Finish Line by its side, SAGA can definitely do a lot more to live up to its motto.

Now, let me tell you more about Finish Line:

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Finish Line Promo Codes

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Just imagine the huge savings you can get from those discounted prices. Clearly, I can never get those shoes at cheap price in the mall! This is why shopping online is really the best thing for me, and I can even get the same quality of products that I want without breaking the bank.

Source: Coupons.com